Using specialized tools

Using specialized tools

Techtool Pro is sometimes compared to a Swiss army knife. It is a single tool with a variety of functions. In some cases, however, you might decide that you need a more specialized tool for a particular task. In our experience, RAM testing and reading SMART data are two tasks where you might want additional functionality. Enter ATOMIC and Drive Scope, utilities designed with a very specific function.

ATOMIC provides additional test algorithms and the ability to easily perform memory stress tests with the iterate function. 

ATOMIC’s extra tests include Bit Spread, Walking Ones, Walking Zeroes, Bit Flip and Block Sequence. These algorithms can be quite time consuming, so it makes the most sence to include in a dedicated memory test tool. Likewise, ATOMIC gives the option to run until failure (iterate), which makes the most sense to include in an application that only tests memory.

Drive Scope gives a detailed look at all readable SMART (and NVMe) data available from a disk, along with an option to manually run a disk’s internal self-test routine. SSD’s in the newest Macs don’t utilize SMART, but Drive Scope can read the NVMe health data as well.

A dedicated  utility provides ample flexibility to provide the most drive data possible. Drive Scope allows a deep dive into the data that a drive stores internally. Whether SMART or NVMe data, Drive Scope provides a detailed look into the health data provided by the disk.

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