Testing Other Components

Testing Other Components

Recently, we’ve discussed testing disks and RAM with Techtool Pro. In addition to testing these important areas, Techtool Pro also tests some of the lesser-known components that keep your Mac running smoothly. Your Mac has a number of sensors that monitor the voltages and temperatures going to your Mac’s various components. If things get too hot, most Macs utilize fans to keep things cool. And, if your Mac is a laptop, it has an internal battery used to power the device if the power cord is disconnected.

Keeping an eye on some of these systems outside of RAM and disks can assist in identifying other areas that may be keeping your Mac from running its best.

Fans Test: A cool running Mac is a fast Mac. To this end, it is important that its cooling system runs properly. Use Techtool Pro to test your Mac’s fans and keep it running cool.

Sensors Test: Your Mac is equipped with a myriad of sensors that monitor temperatures and electrical circuits. Running the Sensors Test can identify when one of these values is out of place, indicating that you may need to bring your Mac in for service.

Battery Check: In recent years, most new Macs are laptops, meaning that they operate on a battery. Techtool Pro’s Battery Check can identify problems with MacBook batteries to ensure that they are not degraded.

Pro Tip: Use the Battery Check feature in the Techtool Protection system preference pane for battery monitoring between Techtool Pro tests.

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