Techtool Protection Email Alerts

Techtool Protection Email Alerts

TechTool Pro can automatically send an email message alerting you if a volume exceeds the volume usage threshold, if the SMART Check fails along with the other features listed in the preference pane, excluding those used for data recovery. This allows you to monitor a computer even though you may not be physically present, providing an early warning of impending problems. This alert may give you enough time to backup your data and address the problems before experiencing a catastrophic failure.

To configure this feature, Choose Email Alerts from the Techtool Protection feature list to bring up the Email Alerts screen. If enabled, this feature will attempt to send alert emails.

Configure the following email fields as required:

  • Email Subject—Subject line to be included in Email Alert. The default subject is “TechTool Pro Failure Alert.”
  • Email Address—Email address where the Alert email should be sent.

The following settings will generally match the outgoing settings for your email account.

  • SMTP Server—SMTP server name.
  • Port Number—Port number used by outgoing e-mail (default is 25).
  • Use SMTP Authentication—Check this box if using an SMTP mail server and authentication is required.
  • SMTP Account—SMTP username if using SMTP authentication.
  • Password—SMTP password if using SMTP authentication.
  • Use SSL/TLS—check this box if your email server requires SSL or TLS authentication. (Not supported for all email services)

Check the appropriate boxes to choose which types of errors will trigger email alerts.

Click the Send Test Email button to send an e-mail to the specified address. Do this to verify that mail is working properly on the computer and that the Email Alerts feature is properly configured.

If your email provider utilizes two-factor authentication, click here for more information.

Apple offers a handy settings lookup tool if you need assistance with your specific provider.

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