Techtool Pro 6 and FileVault 2

There are several things to be aware of if you are using TechTool Pro 6 with FileVault 2 in Mac OS X 10.7:

  1. The TechTool Pro DVD cannot 'see' disks encrypted by FileVault 2.  In order to use TechTool Pro 6 to work with FileVault 2 volumes, using an eDrive is recommended.
  2. Your FileVault 2 password is required for the eDrive to access a FileVault 2 volume.  Once the password is entered, you may work with your FileVault 2 volume normally.
  3. Operations which unmount FileVault 2 volumes may not remount them.  If you need to remount your FileVault 2 volume, use Disk Utility to mount the volume.