Version 1.0.3
File Size 5.9 MB
Release Date: 3/7/2018
How to apply this update:
To perform this version update, launch the installed copy of the ATOMIC application and select the Check for Update... option located under the ATOMIC menu. Users who have purchased from this site may login to their account to download up-to-date versions of ATOMIC, other users may access a direct download by registering their serial number.  

  • • Added support for iMac Pro (2017) models.
  • • Fixed memory capacity calculation for DDR4 DIMM module types.
  • • Fixed manufacturer naming issue for DDR2 DIMM module types.
  • • Updated font and animation appearance for macOS 10.13 'High Sierra' users.
  • • Updated the iteration count to resolve a truncation issue.
  • • Added additional options to the Help menu.
  • • Updates to the ATOMIC PDF manual.
  • • Updated Sparkle to version 1.18.1.
  • • Other minor updates and improvements.

For complete change list, see the ReadMe file.