eDrive vs. Protogo

Every Mac user is different, so each Mac user may have different needs for diagnostic drives. Techtool Pro gives you choices when it comes to building a startup drive for troubleshooting. The eDrive tool adds a partition to an existing hard drive like your internal startup drive or an external drive, such as a Time Machine disk. The Protogo tool, however, builds a dedicated troubleshooting device, and is best used with a fast thumb drive since Protogo devices are reformatted prior to being built.

Which approach is best for you? If you are a MacBook user, and don't want to give up space on your startup disk or if you troubleshoot multiple Macs, the Basic Profile in Protogo might be for you. If you mostly need a diagnostic disk for your personal Mac, want faster startup, and can spare space for eDrive's partition space (as much as 24 GB on Mojave Macs), the eDrive might be a better way to go.

Add a partition with eDrive, or dedicate a device to troubleshooting. It's up to you. Plus, there are many other ways to use the Protogo tool. Take a look at the user manual for more information.

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