Techtool Pro 9 now uses more advanced SMART testing, and is able to detect failure before other utilities. Rather than simply look at the SMART summary like most utilities, Techtool Pro 9 looks at individual SMART attributes, such as the number of remapped bad blocks, that indicate that an overall failure is likely to occur. If Techtool Pro reports a 'failing' result, it is likely to become a 'failed' result soon. When Techtool Pro 9 reports 'failed,' it will then agree with other utilities that only look at the overall result. 

If Techtool Pro 9 (or Techtool Protection) report a 'failing' result, we recommend that you make sure your data is backed up, and make preparations to replace the drive. The improvements in the SMART testing technology in Techtool Pro 9 give you more time to back up and replace failing hardware before it becomes inoperable.