When using Techtool Pro to create an eDrive or a Protogo device, such as the Basic Profile, one option is to use a USB flash drive (aka, USB stick, pen drive, etc.). Not all devices build at the same rate and there are many factors determining how long the device will take to build like connection type, the devices physical hardware, etc. We have tested some USB 2.0 devices that can take up to 3 hours to build, and some USB 3.0 devices that take around 30 minutes, while others have taken more than 20 hours. If building an eDrive or Protogo device takes more than 2 hours, You might try waiting a bit longer to see if it will finish, otherwise, you might try a different flash drive. Please be aware that our software is already optimized to build both eDrive and Protogo devices as quickly as possible so any delay would be the result of factors outside our control like hardware and connection type.