Techtool Pro 11 fully supports macOS Mojave.

If you are still using Techtool Pro 10, we suggest upgrading. If you must still use Techtool Pro 10 with Mojave, here are the known issues we encountered prior to releasing the upgrade.

We have been testing Techtool Pro with the macOS 10.14 Mojave betas since they were first released, and are currently working on an update to be released soon. Historically it has taken at least a month after the final release of a new operationg system before an update to Techtool Pro is ready. Because Techtool Pro is a complex application and has access to lower levels of the system than many applications, thorough testing is especially important. It is also important that we test with the final release version to make sure that no last minute changes are made to the OS which may have unforseen consequences when running Techtool Pro.

The most challenging aspect of this update is proving to be supporting the security features of Mojave. In order for many of the tests and tools to function properly, Techtool Pro must be granted "Full Disk Access" in the Security & Privacy pane in System Preferences. We have largely solved this problem, and hope to be able to release Techtool Pro 11 with full Mojave compatibility within the next few weeks.

(Updated as of 1/14/19)

We will do our best to keep this page up to date with our progress.

Techtool Pro 10.1.2 is largely compatible with macOS Mojave. Most tests and tools that are not disabled should work with Mojave without conflict. The eDrive tool and Basic Profile in the Protogo tool do not yet support Mojave, and there will still be a compatibility dialogue when launching the application. All Techtool Pro owners should check for updates to download the latest version. Additional issues to be aware of are listed below.

We have discovered these other known Issues:

  • The eDrive tool and Basic Profile in the Protogo tool do not function
  • Volume Cloning tool successfully clones boot volumes, but the clone does not function as a startup disk
  • Volume Structures test unable to dismount Time Machine volumes for testing