Sometimes, the TechTool Pro 4 installer is not able to uninstall the application. (The Uninstall feature is the other choice in the pop-up menu that defaults to Easy Install.) Typically, the uninstall feature stops at a point where 527 files remain.


You can remove TechTool Pro 4 manually by removing these files. The 527 files are inside the application package, which is still where the installer put it, either in /Applications or /Applications/Utilities .

1. The application package, as described above.

2. The preference files at /Library/Preferences/TechTool Pro 4.

3. The preference file at /Users/user_name/Libary/Prefereneces/com.micromat.TechToolPro4.plist .

4. The TechTool Pro 4 icon in the Dock.

5. The invisible folder containing the disk directory backups, at the root level of each protected volume. On the startup volume, the path is/.TechToolProItems. (Note the period, which makes the TechToolProItems folder normally invisible.) You can navigate to the folder using the Finder's Go To Folder feature, in the Go menu. For other volumes, the path begins with /Volumes/Volume_Name. If the volume name has spaces in it put it in quotation marks:

"Volume Name" should be changed to the name of your volume.

The complete path to the invisible folder containing the disk directory backups on a protected volume called Volume Name:

/Volumes/"Volume Name"/.TechToolProItems