TechTool Pro 3.0.9 Updater

Version 3.0.9
File Size 4.0 MB
Release Date: 12/23/2002

This updater will update TechTool Pro 3.0.x to version 3.0.9. You MUST have a previous version of TechTool Pro 3 installed on your machine in order to apply this updater.
TechTool Pro 3 owners are eligible for upgrade pricing to TechTool Pro 8 by contacting our sales department at 707-304-5993 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


  • Added more conflicts to the Conflict Database file.
  • Added support for Mac OS 9.2.2 System File testing for Summer 2002 machines
  • Global updates for machines released in Summer 2002.
  • Fixed a variety of minor operational and cosmetic bugs.

NOTE: TechTool Pro 3 will ONLY work on machines that have a PowerPC processor. TechTool Pro 3.0.6 was the last supported version of TechTool Pro 3 that will work on 68K machines.

For complete change list, see the ReadMe file.