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Lifespan 2 offers SSD monitoring in simple percentage terms, predicting how long your SSDs will last, and Drive Scope 2 provides in-depth drive health analysis and monitoring. Together, they provide a great way to monitor all of your drives. Don’t miss out on this exclusive bundle, designed to give you peace of mind and keep your data safe.

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New in Lifespan 2

Lifespan Widgets

Keep the life remaining on your SSDs even more accessible. Lifespan now includes a widget for Macs running macOS 11 ‘Big Sur’ and newer. In macOS Sonoma, place the widget on your desktop to keep closer tabs on your SSDs.​

Drives Tab

You can now check out how much life your drive has left directly from our app. All you need to do is go to the new Drives tab and you’ll find all of your drives there, complete with their health data.

Apple Silicon Native

Leave Rosetta behind. Lifespan 2 now includes full Apple Silicon support. This includes an updated SAT SMART driver so that Lifespan can see the health data for supported USB connected SSDs*.

New in Lifespan 2

Continuous Health Monitoring

Drive Scope 2 introduces continuous SMART health monitoring for all supported disks. Enabling monitoring starts a background process which keeps tabs on the health of your drives, and will notify you if a drive starts to fail.

Drive health at your fingertips

Drive Scope 2 Menu

Along with continuous monitoring, you can check in on your drives from Drive Scope’s new menu bar item at any time. The menu provides at-a-glance access to the SMART health of all supported drives connected to your Mac.

Glance for peace of mind

Even easier, add a Drive Scope widget to keep your Drives’ health status front-and-center. Sonoma users can add the widget to the Mac desktop to keep a constant eye on drive health.

Lifespan 2

SSD Health Monitor for Mac

Solid State Drives are the new normal. If you have a Mac made in the last 10 years, it probably has an SSD. If you’re seeking optimal performance and longevity from your solid state drives, Lifespan offers valuable insight into the remaining life of these drives.

Given that flash-based storage devices have a limited operational life, surpassing this lifespan might lead to gradual performance degradation or even complete failure. Understanding the remaining usable life, particularly with intensive usage, is important.

Most SSDs employ non-volatile NAND solid state memory to store data. Each cell within this flash memory has a limited number of programmable and erasable cycles known as program/erase (p/e) cycles. The quantity of these cycles can vary, ranging from under 2,000 to over 10,000, contingent on the type and quality of NAND chip. As an illustration, a mid-range solid state drive offers approximately 250 TB written of effective lifespan, though this can vary significantly. Regardless, every flash-based storage device inevitably reaches a point where it can no longer store data, culminating in device failure.

Lifespan is an innovative macOS Menu Bar application designed to monitor the remaining useful life of flash-based storage devices. Our software conveniently displays the remaining lifespan of your solid state drive (SSD). The Lifespan menu displays the current lifespan of each supported SSD, and will promptly alert you as the remaining life approaches a critical threshold. Armed with this critical information, users can retire their flash-based storage devices preemptively, mitigating the risk of potential data loss. Experience peace of mind with Lifespan.

Drive Scope 2

The Most Complete SMART Utility for Mac

Hard drives (and solid state drives) are the most failure prone components in your Mac. For that very reason, in fact, drive manufacturers have built in self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology right into the drive (a.k.a. SMART). Most utilities barely scratch the surface of this information, simply reporting the bare essentials: pass or fail. Too often, once the overall failure has occurred, there isn’t enough time to get important data from the drive. With Drive Scope you can see into the health of most any drive† connected to your Mac.

The solid state drives (SSDs) that Apple uses in its newest Macs use a new connection type called NVMe. Other SMART utilities are unable to read the SMART attributes from these drives. Beginning with version 1.1.1, Drive Scope can read the data on these drives, providing access to your drive’s health data.

Building on the improvements to the SMART check in Techtool Pro, Drive Scope not only provides early warning when a drive is on the path to failure, but provides a deep dive into the health of the drive. See what errors have occurred, and when, along with whether the errors are temporary or an indicator of overall failure. You can even trigger the drive’s internal testing to run manually, providing instant access to up-to-date drive health information.

Lifespan 2 System Requirements:

Drive Scope 2 System Requirements:

  • Apple Silicon and Intel-based Macs
  • macOS 10.13 or greater, including macOS 14 ‘Sonoma’
  • Widgets require macOS 11 or greater
  • Apple Silicon and Intel-based Macs
  • macOS 11 or greater, including macOS 14 ‘Sonoma’

* Even with the SAT SMART Driver installed, some USB SSDs do not share data with macOS. A list of devices that are known not to be supported can be found in our knowledge base

† Drives in RAID enclosures may not be supported.

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