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About TechTool Protogo

TechTool Protogo can create a bootable drive that contains TechTool Pro as well as Disk Utility and several other utilities. It is a portable device, so you can carry it with you and have it readily available as needed. Since it is a read/write device, it can be updated and additional software can be added to it. You can think of it as the ultimate Macintosh toolbox.

TechTool Protogo lets you easily set up your own device. If you have an old iPod, a flash drive, a portable hard drive, or just a standard-sized hard drive, you can use TechTool Protogo to configure it to be a bootable device containing the utility programs of your choice.

TechTool Protogo either ships on a DVD or as a download that includes TechTool Pro Classic (for Mac OS 9 and earlier) and TechTool Pro (for Mac OS X). Protogo comes with profiles for several standard system/utility configurations so that you can easily set up a device. Simply select the device, the desired device profile, and press a single button. You can also create and save your own profiles that include the custom components you desire (even including third party utilities). The standard profiles range from a minimal bootable system with TechTool Pro on it (such as might come on the TechTool DVD), to a full-blown Mac OS X installation including a Finder and multiple utility programs.

A device created by Protogo boots and runs software much faster than from a CD/DVD. It also includes memory swap space for the Mac OS, which increases speed and stability as well. In addition, you can re-configure the device at any time to add new utilities, updated versions of software, or newer Mac OS versions.

With TechTool Protogo, you can set up a device to:

  • Diagnose and repair hard drive problems
  • Test major computer components
  • Predict drive failures
  • Optimize and defragment hard drive volumes
  • Rebuild volume directories
  • Recover data from damaged volumes
  • Repartition hard drives without losing data
  • Boot different Mac OS versions from different partitions
  • Run a variety of utilities

TechTool Protogo gives you the power to create and maintain your own toolkit for the Macintosh–exactly the way you want it–on one portable device. Just plug it in and all your tools will be there at your fingertips.