More about Check Computer Suites

More about Check Computer Suites

If you have upgraded to Techtool Pro 12, Check Computer Suites can give you quick access to custom Check Computer configurations. The three built-in tests are useful for quick configuration, but much more customization is also available.

To set up your own custom suites, start by choosing Configure… from the Suites drop-down menu in the Check Computer configuration pane. This will open the Check Computer preferences, where suites can be customized. After changing any number of tests to your liking, you can save the new suite by choosing Save As… in the preference window’s drop-down menu.

The Intermediate suite simply eliminates the Surface Scan to save some time. One other time saver that we’d recommend is to eliminate the File Structures test on any Time Machine volumes connected to your Mac. We suggest starting with the Intermediate Suite, and then click the File Structures test in the configuration pane, and uncheck any Time Machine volumes. Choose Save As… from the Suites drop-down menu and give it a name. Now you have an Intermediate suite minus Time Machine suite that will perform most of the important tests in Check Computer, but omit the tests that take the most time.

Why skip the File Structures test for Time Machine? Check out our support blog for more information and to catch up on previous Pro Tip emails.

Pro Tip: Surface Scan is still an important test, so be sure to run it when time allows. Consider making a suite consisting of just Surface Scans.

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