Media Recovery in Techtool Pro 19

Media Recovery in Techtool Pro 19

The Media Recovery tool in Techtool Pro 19 provides rescue for your data when the worst happens.

Backing up your data is the best option to safeguard your data. Sometimes, however, it simply isn’t practical to back up certain devices. Certain external media, like the cards used in cameras, are unlikely to get backed up regularly, if at all. 

When data is lost on external media, Techtool Pro’s Media Recovery tool can be a life saver.

To recover media, select the Media Recovery tool in the Tools section in Techtool Pro. Select the device to recover, and click Run Media Recovery. Choose the save location, and the scan will begin. Be sure to choose a location that can accommodate the media being recovered.

Techtool Pro will begin scouring the device for data. The entire device is scanned, looking for signatures of a wide variety of file types. All sorts of image and video formats are included, of course, but so are a variety of other formats, including common office document types (.doc, .xls, etc.) and archives (.zip, .tar, etc.). This process can take a while, depending on the connection type and drive size.

At the conclusion of the scan, a file list is presented. Select just a few files to recover, or choose Recover All to save everything recovered to the save location chosen earlier.

No data recovery solution is fool proof, of course, but with the new Media Recovery tool in Techtool Pro 19, you have a solution that can work with no prior preparation necessary.

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