Keeping your Mac secure: Guest Login Status

Keeping your Mac secure: Guest Login Status

Techtool Pro 18 introduces the Security Check tool, which reviews a number of potential security vulnerabilities on your Mac. This article covers how to keep your Mac more secure for the Guest Login Status check.

Apple’s macOS includes the option to allow guest access to your Mac. If Guest Login is enabled, then anyone with physical access to the computer can log in, run software, etc. While access to the system, settings, etc. are limited, someone with sufficient skill could use this access to compromise your Mac.

If the Security Check tool says that action is required for the Guest Login Status, it is generally recommended to disable Guest Login. To disable Guest Login, open System Settings, or System Preferences for macOS 12 and earlier. In System Settings, select Users & Groups and click the info icon next to Guest User. In the dialog that appears, toggle “Allow guests to log in to this computer” to off.

In System Preferences, also select Users & Groups, and select Guest User from the users column. Uncheck the box for “Allow guests to log in to this computer.”

For more information on Guest User settings, visit Apple’s Knowledge Base article.

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