Keeping your Mac secure: Firewall

Keeping your Mac secure: Firewall

Techtool Pro 18 introduces the Security Check tool, which reviews a number of potential security vulnerabilities on your Mac. This article covers how to keep your Mac more secure for the Firewall check.

In short, if the Security Check flags your firewall settings as a potential issue, it means that your Mac’s firewall has been disabled. An active firewall means that your Mac only allows remote access to specific trusted applications and ports. If your Mac’s firewall is disabled, it is best to enable it.

To enable your Mac’s firewall, first open System Settings or System Preferences for macOS 12 and earlier. In System Preferences, select Security & Privacy, and then the Firewall Tab. Click Turn On Firewall to activate your Mac’s firewall. In System Settings, the Firewall is found within the Network settings. After selecting Network, select Firewall and turn on the firewall toggle.

For more information on your Mac’s firewall, visit Apple’s Knowledge Base article.

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