Keeping your Mac secure: Automatic Security Updates

Keeping your Mac secure: Automatic Security Updates

Techtool Pro 18 introduces the Security Check tool, which reviews a number of potential security vulnerabilities on your Mac. This article covers how to keep your Mac more secure for the Automatic Security Updates check.

Apple frequently releases security updates to macOS in order to mitigate security vulnerabilities in the operating system and built-in Apple software. Making sure that these updates are installed automatically is ideal when it comes to keeping your Mac secure.

If the Security Check tool indicates that security updates are not being installed automatically, you can take the following steps to enable them. First, open System Settings, or System Preferences in macOS 12 and earlier. In System Settings, choose General, and then Software Update. Click on the info icon (i) next to Automatic Updates, and then enable the toggle next to “Install Security Responses and system files.”

In System Preferences, choose Software Update, and check the box next to “Always keep my Mac up to date.”

With automatic updates enabled, any security patches will be installed more quickly than if done manually.

For more information on Automatic Software Updates, visit Apple’s Knowledge Base article.

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