Installing the SAT SMART Driver for Apple Silicon Macs

Installing the SAT SMART Driver for Apple Silicon Macs

If you decide to install the SAT SMART Driver on your Apple Silicon Mac, you will need to follow the following instructions. Because it is a third-party extension, you will need to change the security settings on your Mac in order for the SAT SMART Driver to load.

  1. Power down your Apple Silicon Mac by selecting the Shut Down… option under the Apple Menu.
  2. Once your Mac has completely powered down, press the Power button and hold the button down until you see the power manager options. Typically you will see your normal startup volume on the left and the Options selection on the right.
  3. Choose the ‘Options’ select to start up your Mac up in Recovery mode.
  4. Once in Recovery mode, select the Utilities menu and then choose Startup Security Utility. 
  5. In the Startup Security Utility, select your normal startup volume and choose Security Policy… at the bottom right of the window. 
  6. In the new window that appears, switch the current setting of ‘Full Security’ to ‘Reduced Security’ and check the box for ‘Allow user management of kernel extensions from identified developers’.
  7. Once you have made these two selections, click the OK button. 
  8. You will now be asked to enter in your administrator password. Enter your password, and click OK button to save the new settings.
  9. Once complete, choose Restart from the Apple menu to restart your Mac back to the normal startup volume.

Once you have logged back into your Mac,  you may install the SAT SMART Driver:

  1. Launch Lifespan 2 and choose the SATA SMART Driver Installer… to begin the installation. Note the prompt to eject any external volumes first.
  2. While the SAT SMART Driver is installing, the system will present a ’System Extension Blocked’ notification window with the option of Open System Settings.
  3. Once the SAT SMART Driver is installed successfully, click on the Open System Settings button in the dialog to automatically open the Privacy & Security setting.
  4. You will see a Enable System Extensions… button in the window. Click this button to allow the installation of the SAT SMART Driver. 
  5. The operating system will update its system cache information which will require restarting the Mac after enabling the extension. After restarting, relaunch Lifespan 2 to see if your external USB storage devices are supported.

NOTE: If you decide not to  enable the SAT SMART Driver using the ‘System Extension Blocked’ dialog, you can go to System Settings -> Privacy & Security and scroll down to ‘Security’ with text stating, ‘Some system software requires your attention before it can be used.’  Click on the Details… button on the bottom right to allow the SAT SMART Driver to load. Once you have approved the SAT SMART Driver, the operating system will update its system cache information. Restart the Mac after enabling the extension to complete the process.

Apple does not have support for an automated process to make this easy because of the security restrictions implemented in the operating system and in the hardware. If a more streamlined approach becomes available, we will certainly explore it. Thanks for your understanding.

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