Can I give software as a gift?

To give software purchased from our online store as a gift, purchase as you normally would, and take note of the serial number. The recipient of the gift can register the serial number when registering for a new account at for a download link to appear on their account page. 

Below are detailed instructions that you can give the recipient of your gift. Please print or email these instructions for creating an account in order for your software to appear as a download link for the recipient:

A gift for you…
When you log into your registration account you can download your registered software, find your registered serial numbers and/or purchase new software.
1) To Create a New Account,  go to and click on User Login (top right corner).
2) Click “Create an account” (located at the bottom of the pop-up).
3) Enter in your information.
4) Enter in your Serial Number for your Product app; click Save.
5) Click “My Account” (top horizontal menu, after MICROMAT).
6) To download your app, click on the installer under Available Downloads.

To access your Micromat software and registration in the future, make note of your username and password, then...
Go to:
Click "User Login" - located at the top, right of your internet browser
Enter your Username
Enter your Password
You will then have access to your account and can download your registered software and/or purchase new software.

If you forgot your username and/or password:
Click on "Forgot your password"
You will receive an email with a Micromat password reset request and a verification code to the email you used to register your account. You need to click on the URL that is included in that email reset request, which will take you to our site for you to enter in your Username and Verification Code.
Once you click "Submit" you will need to enter a new password of your choice.
If you have any problems with the password verification method, please contact Micromat, and we can manually reset your password to a temporary one, which you will then need to change to one of your choice.