Using Drive Scope to Test Mac Drives

 If your Mac is running slowly, crashing, or just generally misbehaving, and you’re not entirely sure what the problem is, one place to look is your hard drive. Because they are in use constantly, both solid state drives and traditional rotational drives are the most failure prone component in your Mac. Using Drive Scope you can see at a glance if your SMART enabled hard drive or solid state drive is developing problems, or even failing.

Health information at a glance – no ‘test’ required

The Devices list in drive scope displays the health information for all of your drives at a glance. A green dot means your drive is currently reporting that it is healthy. A yellow triangle or red square will mean that the drive is reporting a warning or a failure, respectively. For more information, you can look under the attributes tab for information on what is causing a drive to report errors.

 Drive Scope – Hard Drive Information

Next Steps

When hard drives are reporting a failure to SMART utilities such as drive scope, that typically means that they need to be replaced. A good option is to send the Drive Scope results to the drive manufacturer, who can often send a warranty replacement if the drive is less than 5 years old. Of course, warranty periods vary by manufacturer, so be sure to verify your drive’s warranty information.

For more information about Drive Scope:

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