Disk Repair for Apple Silicon

Disk Repair for Apple Silicon

The Apple Silicon future has arrived, and several Mac models are now available with Apple’s home-grown processors. Techtool Pro 14 is now built for Apple Silicon, but you may have noticed that the Tools Selection looks a bit different on your M1 Mac. While the eDrive and Protogo tools continue to work with Intel Macs, they are not available for Apple silicon machines.

Apple Silicon Macs have gotten stricter with their startup requirements. As a result, only the macOS installer can create startup disks on Apple’s new M1 machines. Techtool Pro 14 now supports Apple’s latest Apple Silicon Macs, but it can no longer (for now at least), create a diagnostic startup disk.

For most startup disk repairs, Techtool Pro 14 has addressed this limitation by introducing live startup disk repair. The current APFS startup disk is now selectable and repairable in the Volume Rebuild tool without starting up from another disk. For those occasions where you might need an external startup disk, visit this knowledge base article for more information.

As Apple continues to innovate, the utilities that keep Macs running at their best must adapt as well. Be sure that Techtool Pro 14 is in your toolbox so that you can keep your Mac running at its best.

Pro Tip: It is advised to quit other applications when performing live repairs, though this is not strictly enforced.

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