Customizing Testing with Techtool Pro

Customizing Testing with Techtool Pro

Did you know that Techtool Pro could do this?

Techtool Pro includes a number of ways to customize testing. In Check Computer, testing can be customized with testing suites. In addition to built-in suites, new suites can be customized to your exact needs.

New in Techtool Pro 17, the File Structures test adds even more customization. In your file testing, you may have files that you would prefer not to test. There may be files that are flagged because they don’t follow the exact specification for a plist or jpeg, but didn’t turn out to be a serious problem. The File Structures test now includes an option to exclude files and folders from testing.

There are two ways to exclude files. In the File Structures configuration pane, the ‘Exclude…’ button will bring up the list of excluded files. Use the plus button to add files or folders, or simply drag and drop from the Finder. Alternatively, when the File Structures test has completed, click the Exclude button above the list of results while any file or group of files is selected.

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