Customized Testing with Check Computer Suites

Customized Testing with Check Computer Suites

If you haven’t heard, Techtool Pro 12 is now available for download, and one of its new features is called Check Computer Suites. With these suites, you can define what Check Computer will test when it is run. The three built-in tests are useful for quick configuration, but much more customization is also available.

To set up your own custom suites, start by choosing Configure… from the Suites drop-down menu in the Check Computer configuration pane. This will open the Check Computer preferences, where suites can be customized. After changing any number of tests to your liking, you can save the new suite by choosing Save As… in the preference window’s drop-down menu.

And may we suggest a configuration? It may be useful to check just your internal drives. To set up an “Internal Suite,” go through each of the drive specific tests in the left column, and uncheck any drives except the internal. After saving this suite, (it will be automatically selected right after saving) Techtool Pro will test just your internal drives, which can cut down on testing time, and make sure that the most important items are checked.

Repeat similar selections for SMART, File Structures, and Partition Map to configure Techtool Pro 12 to test just your internal drives. Another option would be to pick a particular important external drive or group of external drives for a similar targeted set of testing.

In cases when you target particular drives, you might also consider disabling tests which don’t test drives. The results of other tests, such as Sensors, Fans, or Memory may not be relevant if a particular drive or drives are being tested. Likewise, the Quick suite does not test drives at all, giving a good overview of what the remainder of the Mac’s hardware looks like.

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