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TOPIC: Updating TechTool Pro to 9.6?

Updating TechTool Pro to 9.6? 14 Dec 2017 22:13 #9023

I purchased Protogo not too long ago, and my included version of TechTool Pro is 9.5.X. I really should upgrade to the new version because my hard drive now uses APFS. My question is, Do I need to upgrade Protogo, or just TechTool Pro? If I just update TechTool, will the rest of Protogo still work?
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Updating TechTool Pro to 9.6? 14 Dec 2017 22:43 #9024

I am a bit puzzled, because Protogo has not been available for purchase as a separate program for quite a while.

TechTool Protogo is now incorporated into TechTool Pro. It is in the Mode menu, Command 4. When you make that choice, Protogo launches.

You can get the latest version of TechTool Pro with Protogo built into it by purchasing the upgrade to TechTool Pro 9.6.1. If you do have a stand-alone version of Protogo, I suggest deleting it, although if I recall correctly, the TechTool Pro 9.5.x and 9.6.1 installers delete stand-alone versions of Protogo. Having an old version of Protogo running with a new version of TechTool Pro at the same time may cause a problem.

Please remember that the creation of a Protogo device erases all of the volumes that were originally on the device. It is a device that you are creating, not a folder. Someone recently overlooked the dialog box that warns about erasure of the entire device, and lost some photos.
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