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TOPIC: Can I stop Volume optimization ?

Can I stop Volume optimization ? 27 Oct 2013 01:39 #4833


I have a MB Pro running the Volume optimization since more than 9 hours and the needle hasn't moved to 1% yet...

Highest Block count: 182.922.368
Current: 27.746
Continuous free space 104.999
Fragmented files 5.791 - 155.96 GB

I would like to stop this process. Image the data to an external drive. Reformat the internal drive, load OSX and use migration assistant to restore the computer.

Thanks for your advice,

Smiles across the wires,

Rogier Willems
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Can I stop Volume optimization ? 27 Oct 2013 02:40 #4836

If you click the X button, the disk optimizer should finish working on the one file it is working on, update the disk directory, then stop.

The consequences of a crash during optimization depend on exactly what the optimizer was doing at the time of the crash. The optimizer moves pieces of files and updates the disk directory. If it crashes or is forced to quit, the consequences can range from nothing (it may have been just about to move something) to loss of a file, loss of a folder, or loss of the entire volume (in the unlikely event that a piece of the disk directory itself was being moved). That is why we recommend making a backup before you begin, and making sure that the backup contains what you intended it to.

You should run the Surface Scan to check the drive for unremapped bad blocks.
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