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TOPIC: TTP9.5.3 utilities

TTP9.5.3 utilities 11 Nov 2017 18:04 #8825

Hello, I've been using TTP since the 3 and really loved it, as everything changing I think the software is adding many thing not necessarily useful to me.
I explain, since the biz has decided to take control companies like yours has to adapt. So we don't have a cd anymore to use which was a great thing!!!
I had to buy an external HD (difficult when you can't afford to spend money on device etc..) I installed el captain and TTP but as it's the apple software and yours that keep upgrading it's like there is no more a safe way to get TTP to just maintain your computers.
SO I partitioned my external drive (usb one as we're back to this little thing when firewire were the best..)
One partition around 50 GB to have a "protogo" part to try having a TTP just to perform the usual tasks.
One partition around 300 GB to have a clone of my Imac and install HIgh Seria to try it out before getting all my software unusable since I read all your post about it and I haven't got the money to buy all soft again.

SO I tried and guess what ? TTP tells me the external HD can't be used!!!!!!! and doesn"t see the partitions.

My point is how to do you get those facilities that TTP have if you can't use the device you bought!

I have an external HD with firewire 800 plugged to the new lightning stuff with a adapter in which TTP could make a Clone but you can't have a folder for this and I don't want to delete or damage all the things I keep in this external drive.

thank you
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TTP9.5.3 utilities 11 Nov 2017 18:27 #8828

When you create a Protogo device, the entire drive is erased. You can use a small drive for that purpose, or a USB memory stick. A Protogo device is a device, not a volume.

Please read the section in the TechTool Pro manual about creating an eDrive. The manual is available in the Help menu of the application. The eDrive is created by splitting an existing volume, and copying a subset of the system software to it.

External drives have to be formatted with a GUID partition map and one or more Mac OS Extended (journaled) volumes in order to be seen by TechTool Pro. Many external drives come formatted with a MBR (master boot record) partition map, which is used by Windows.
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