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TOPIC: Volume Structures Abnormality(?)

Volume Structures Abnormality(?) 03 Nov 2017 05:41 #8732

To begin, I'm running Techtool Pro 9.5 on an iMac with El Capitan (OS X 10.11.6 Build 15G18005).

I recently Tweeted Micromat about an issue (which I was unaware at the time was an issue) with using Volume Structures on an External drive (the conversation is attached)

When I do so, I get a message telling me that I don't have enough space on the drive to do the repair. Based on this message I assumed that Techtool Pro 9 required a certain amount of disk space to repair volume structures (unlike a repair in Diskwarrior, which–if there isn't enough physical space for a repair, it gives the user the option to replace the current volume with the rebuilt one.

As I mentioned earlier, I tweeted to Micromat and was told that it wasn't a case of physical space–as in how much free space remained on a disk, but the available RAM on the computer that determined whether or not TechTool Pro 9.5 could replace the volume structures of a drive.

This is directly in contrast to the message I get from the Techtool Pro 9.5 application, which confuses me.

Using this logic, I should be able to boot with my eDrive (or Protogo) and repair the drive in question (or at least have TTP 9.5 complete a Volume Structures repair on the drive.

At least, as far as I understand it.

By the way, I cannot seem to add attachments. This could be because I'm working in Opera, but don't know.
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Volume Structures Abnormality(?) 03 Nov 2017 10:29 #8733

What I was told is that the correct interpretation of the "insufficient workspace to continue" error message is that there is not enough free, contiguous disk space on the volume to allow the new Catalog B-Tree and Extents B-Tree disk directory files to be written in a single piece (called an "extent") each. The total amount of free space on the volume does not matter.

The amount of free, contiguous (all in one piece) disk space is shown in the Volume Optimization preview window, as "largest". There are three ways to create more disk space that is both free and contiguous. You could optimize the volume, using the File Optimization and the the Volume Optimization (requires restarting from another volume with TechTool Pro on it). Or, you could Optimize Using the Cloning Tool[url]. Or, you could temporarily remove some files that you suspect are already in one piece, and at least as large as the new disk directory files need to be.

It is also true that the new disk directory files must be able to be held in RAM.
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