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TOPIC: Why 15 GB for an eDrive partition?

Why 15 GB for an eDrive partition? 26 Sep 2017 12:08 #8622

The TechTool Pro manual says:
“The eDrive partition takes up 15 GB on the eDrive Destination Volume.”


1. Why does the eDrive Partition need 15 GB when the Apple recovery partition only needs 619 MB according to Partition Manager?

2. Why cant I make a smaller e-drive partition based on the minimal ProToGo profile?

3. Instead of creating an eDrive partition, could you make a tool which allows us to add applications to the existing Apple recovery partition, like this:

<b>Customize recovery partition with your own apps</b>
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Why 15 GB for an eDrive partition? 26 Sep 2017 13:22 #8629

The eDrive contains a subset of the system software. It needs to have plenty of room for virtual memory swapfiles. We do not want to have a large variety of sizes for eDrives, because the exact size and name are what allow us to remove the eDrive.

The Apple Recovery partition has a very small subset of the system software, and does not contain all of the frameworks needed to run typical applications. It is intended to be small, and is as pared down as possible, while still allowing the programs Apple puts on it to run.

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