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TOPIC: Definition of e-drive [contradictory documentation]

Definition of e-drive [contradictory documentation] 26 Sep 2017 12:05 #8621

The TechTool Pro manual defines an e-drive as a <b>partition on the hard drive:</b>
“Use TechTool Pro’s eDrive tool to create an emergency startup partition containing TechTool Pro <b>on one of your hard drives.“</b></i>

The TechTool Pro knowledgebase contradicts this information, describing an e-drive as <b>“a USB flash drive.”</b>

“USB flash drive size for eDrive or Protogo”


1. If both eDrive and Protogo are bootable flash drives, then what is difference between them? Why do you need two separate bootable flash drives to run a few utilities?

2. If an eDrive can be a flash drive, why does the TechTool e-drive creator menu not mention flash ?
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Definition of e-drive [contradictory documentation] 26 Sep 2017 13:14 #8626

Protogo allows you to add additional programs, and can have a complete installation of the system software, depending on what profile is used. The eDrive has a subset of the system software, and other third-party programs may or may not run on it.

You can put the eDrive on a flash drive if you like, provided it is bootable. Because the eDrive volume is made by splitting an existing volume, the flash drive must be at least 32 BG in size. Apple's system software tools do not permit splitting a volume smaller than 32 GB.

Not all of the pertinent facts about something fit into a user interface.
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