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TOPIC: Airport Time Capsule

Airport Time Capsule 01 Jul 2017 13:22 #8433

I have an Apple Airport Time Capsule connected over WLAN for time machine backups. It reports "disk drive has to be repaired". Is it possible to test/repair the drive with TTP 9 and what is the best way to proceed?
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Airport Time Capsule 01 Jul 2017 14:24 #8434

The program will not see the Time Capsule, because of its WLAN connection.

Even it the volume could be seen, while you would be able to check the disk directory with the Volume Structures test and check the drive for unremapped bad blocks with the Surface Scan, it is unlikely that you would be able to rebuild the disk directory with the Volume Rebuild feature. Volume Rebuild creates a new disk directory in RAM, and both of the disk directory files (the Catalog B-Tree and the Extents B-Tree) taken together are very unlikely to fit into the RAM of the computer, because Time Capsules and Time Machines have extremely large disk directories. If you have 40 backups of your usual startup volume in a Time Machine or Time Capsule, those disk directories are 40 times the size of the directory of your usual startup volume.

From Can I use TechTool Pro to repair Network Volumes such as a Time Capsule?:

Network volumes, such as NAS drives, Time Capsules, and hard drives connected to network devices are handled differently than drives that are directly attached to your Mac. As such, utilities such as Disk Utility and TechTool Pro are unable to perform operations on them. Some network drives have built-in tools that can be accessed through a web interface or third-party software. In the case of a Time Capsule, you can get some information about the health of its internal disk using Airport Utility.

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