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TOPIC: Interpreting and saving reports - feature request

Interpreting and saving reports - feature request 22 Sep 2016 17:03 #7585

Maybe it's something I'm missing, but I've searched and found nothing, but one area where TTP falls short is the ability to understand and decipher test reports and results, and the ability to save any test result info to a text file for scrutiny later on. It's a huge oversight in the product if I'm honest.

I have been running routine maintenance this week and after the File Optimization test ran on two internal drives there were no errors, but the test was incomplete. The Preview Optimization showed a greater number of files to be optimized than were reported after the test proper completed. However, there is no further info given as to why or what files did not get optimized, just a cryptic INCOMPLETE message.

Is it safe to run a Drive Optimisation after an incomplete FO process? Some further information would go a long way.

Also, the ability to save the report, if you can call it that - it's just a list of files that were successfully optimized - to save that to disc somewhere to refer to later. Jeez is it too much to ask.

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Interpreting and saving reports - feature request 22 Sep 2016 17:09 #7588

I have forwarded your suggestions to the beta administrator for TechTool Pro.

Yes, it is safe to run a Volume Optimization after a File Optimization that is not complete. There are some files that cannot be optimized while the volume is mounted, either because they are in use, or because of their permissions. The Volume Optimization tool unmounts the volume before it begins, whereas the File Optimization tool does not. That enables you to optimize many files on the active startup volume without having to restart from another volume.
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