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TOPIC: Fail to Clone Volume

Fail to Clone Volume 08 Mar 2015 18:26 #6151

New Question at March 8 2015

I tried to create .dmg of disk - 670gig, ran for 11 hours then ‘failed’ and canceled.

questions: 1. why it takes that long? is it only that I am thinking of yesteryear’s much smaller drives or something else?
2. there is only a report of “failed” no explanation of why neither suggestions as to a correction.

This was a clone to dmg sparse compressed.

3. I also have Carbon Copy Cloner, which has the added feature of selecting specific folders and files for copy. It is an advanced version of Timemachine in my opinion.
I wonder if it is practical to have such features in TTP Clone section.

Thanks for your expertise,
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Fail to Clone Volume 08 Mar 2015 20:21 #6155

You are welcome.

The time it takes to create the dmg file depends on its size, the processor speed, the drive speeds, the speeds of the busses on to which the drivers are attached, and how much of the CPU can be used by the cloning process.

The only suggestion I can make for a better explanation of the reason for the failure is to open the Console application, located in /Applications/Utilities, and check the All Messages log for errors that arose at the end of the attempt. You should check the disk directory of the source and destination volumes, and run the Surface Scan test to check the drives containing the source and destination volumes.

We are not trying to make the volume cloning tool into a fully-featured backup program.

There is a good tutorial from Penn State University University about using Disk Utility to make a dmg file, which includes some important tips about preparing it in advance for restoring files:

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