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TOPIC: Botting from Cloned Disk

Botting from Cloned Disk 16 May 2017 19:55 #8216

I restored.my startup disk from a clone I made of it earlier in the month. When I tried to boot up from the restored clone, my MB Pro Pro load half way and atopped.

I don't understand why doean't a file synch clone or.duplicate clone boot up my Mac when it has been copied back (restored) to the start up drive .... which was erased and reformated prior to restore?

I would apprecoate any advise, including how to use cloning as part of a back up plan.

Thank you,
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Botting from Cloned Disk 16 May 2017 20:05 #8217

I cannot explain why a particular clone made with the File Sync or Duplicate cloning tool did not work. If you tried the same clone again, it might work properly. Some files are altered when you boot from a clone of a bootable volume, the first time it is used. If you find it does not work on a second attempt, try using Super Duper or Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the bootable volume. Both programs have free trials.

The best discussion I have seen of backups has an impolite title but a lot of good information. The basic idea is to never rely on only one type of backup. You need both a clone of your bootable volume and a backup that keeps older versions of files.

11 Stupid Backup Strategies, by Joel Kissell.

I suggest you change your screen name to something other than an email address. These forums are indexed by Google, and you might get a lot of spam. Use the My Account link at the top of the page, and then the Account Information link.
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Botting from Cloned Disk 16 May 2017 20:37 #8218

I'll try restoring again.

You ate right about having two different back up strategies. I stopped using Time Machine because my back up hard drive ran out of memory. So, i made clones.of my start up hard drive to two diffent hard disks on an alternating basis.

I am really frustrated because I thought I had two restorable back ups, and I can't get either to boot my Macbook Pro. I really dont want to have to reinstall OS X and all my apps and rebuild my file tree. Plus, I want to recover my email adressbook from one of the backups.

I saw something about making an external USB HD a start up disk. Do you think this is why The restored clone did not work as a startup disk?

If so, what do I do now? Are the clones usable as a source to restore the internal hd?
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Botting from Cloned Disk 16 May 2017 22:40 #8219

Even if you choose not to use Time Machine, you must have a backup that keeps old versions of files.

I was using a database program that does autosave, the way Filemaker Pro and Apple's Contacts do. I edited a few records, added a few records, and quit the program. Then I ran Super Duper, which makes a clone of a volume and can update that clone with just the new and changed files. Then I ran Time Machine manually.

A few minutes later, I tried to open the database file, and its application crashed. When the last changes I had made to the file were autosaved, the file was corrupted. I had no way to know it was corrupted until the next time I tried to open it. By running Super Duper, I had replaced in my clone backup a good but old copy of the database file with a newer, corrupted copy. If I had not run Time Machine, I would not have had a copy of the database file as it was before I made the most recent changes, and it got corrupted.

If you have a Recovery HD volume, you could boot from that and use its option to reinstall the system software (which gets downloaded from Apple), boot from the new system software installation and then use its option to restore user applications, files, and preferences from a backup. (Everything except Apple Mail messages is migrated; the mail messages can be migrated the first time you launch Mail).

The only problem I see with this suggestion is that if there is really something wrong with the clones, they may not be recognized as a good source from which to migrate files.
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