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TOPIC: ttp606_dvd won'i work

ttp606_dvd won'i work 15 Jun 2013 02:03 #4094

My Mac Mini 2.6 Core i7 originally shipped with Mac OS X 10.8 'Mountain Lion' installed. I can't install TTP 6.0.6 eDrive due to need for Volume Rebuild. I can't get my TTP DVDs (made from several downloads of ttp606_dvd.dmg from your site) to boot. I get to the gray apple startup w/ no gear rotation sign of startup. Dvd stops turning at this point. How can I install TTP 6.0.6 eDrive or Volume Rebuild?
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ttp606_dvd won'i work 15 Jun 2013 13:56 #4095

The TechTool Pro 6.0.6 DVD cannot boot your model, because the system software on the DVD comes from an Apple Developer Kit for making bootable DVDs, which Apple has not revised to support Mountain Lion. Given the fact that Apple no longer supplies bootable DVDs with its new models, it is unlikely that the developer kit will ever be revised. Running the program from a bootable DVD is not the preferred way, because virtual memory cannot be used when the Macintosh is booted from a locked volume, and no log files can be written.

If your usual startup volume has disk directory damage, then it should not be used as the Mac OS X Source Volume when creating an eDrive. You will have to install Mac OS X and TechTool Pro on another volume, preferably on another drive. After that has been done, you can create an eDrive on another volume, or you could just use the volume with Mac OS X and TechTool Pro on it to run the Volume Rebuild.

One good choice of volume for creating an eDrive is a USB memory stick of at least 32 GB capacity, formatted by Disk Utility to have a GUID partition map and a single Mac OS Extended (journaled) volume.

Be sure to make a backup of the volume that has directory damage before you attempt to repair it.
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