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TOPIC: extremely long recovery time

extremely long recovery time 14 Jun 2013 21:13 #4092

I just upgraded to TechTool Pro 6.x today after 10.84 ate my main boot volume on my Mac Pro. It ran fine under 10.83, and I had even used DiskWarrior as well as Disk Utilities to check the drive before the upgrade from 10.83 to 10.84.

So far today, Volume Rebuild has taken 4.5 hours out of my life and is still on "Rebuilding Directory Structures". Should I just give up and wipe the drive? Installing Native Instruments Komplete 9 took 6 friggin' hours 2 weeks ago, and I'd really hate to reinstall, but if I have to wipe the drive and start from scratch I'll do it.
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extremely long recovery time 14 Jun 2013 22:47 #4093

There is no way to estimate how long it can take to rebuild a disk directory. It depends on the number and type of directory errors, how many files there are, how fragmented the files are, and the processor, drive, and bus speed in use. I wish I could tell you whether waiting will pay off; we have seen volumes that took 24 hours to rebuild.

I suppose the one useful lesson in this unfortunate experience is to make a backup before installing a system software upgrade. It was prudent to check the disk directory before installing the 10.8.4 update. I suggest you run the Surface Scan to check the drive for unremapped bad blocks before putting it back into use, and run the RAM test. If I had your outcome, I would check the Apple Support Forums to see if many other people are reporting trouble with the 10.8.4 update.
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