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TOPIC: Uninstalling

Uninstalling 04 Mar 2013 22:11 #3814

I HAD TechTools on my iMac (OS 10.6.8) and tried to uninstall. That is when I ran into trouble. The icon on the menu bar cannot be dragged down to 'go away', it does not show up in a system search anywhere and when I open preferences it takes me to my system pref's.
I have no idea how to get this off, esp. since according to the system wide search "It does not exist" - it is only on the menu bar. HELP PLEASE
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Re: Uninstalling 04 Mar 2013 23:02 #3815

You cannot remove the program easily by dragging files in the Finder. Menu bar icons are usually put there by a background process. If the background process does not launch, then the icon does not appear in the menu bar. These icons are not like Dock or Sidebar icons; they cannot be removed by dragging them.

Use the TechTool Pro 5 installer to uninstall the program. The uninstall feature is the other choice in the pop-up menu that defaults to Easy Install.

To manually remove TechTool Pro 5.x:

1. Drag the TechTool Pro application to the Trash.

2. Open Activity Monitor, located in /Applications/Utilities, and select and quit the TechTool Pro Daemon.

3. Open System Preferences. Hold down the Control key, click the TechTool Protection system preference pane (in the Other group at the bottom of the window) and choose “Remove ‘TechTool Protection’ Preference Pane” from the contextual menu.

4. Move the folder at /Library/Application Support/TechTool Protection to the Trash.

5. Move the file at /Library/Preferences/com.micromat.techtoolpro5.datarecovery.plist to the Trash.

6. Move the file at /Library/LaunchAgents/com.micromat.TechToolProStartupAgent.plist to the Trash.

7. Move the file at /Users/user_name/Library/Preferences/com.micromat.techtoolpro5.plist to the Trash.

8. Move the invisible folder containing the disk directory backups, at the root level of each protected volume, to the Trash. On the startup volume, the path is:


You can navigate to the folder using the Finder’s Go To Folder feature, in the Go menu. For other volumes, the path begins with /Volumes/Volume_Name. If the volume name has spaces in it put it in quotation marks:

Volume Name should be changed to "Volume Name"

The complete path to the invisible folder containing the disk directory backups on a protected volume called Volume Name:

/Volumes/"Volume Name"/.TechToolProItems

9. Empty the Trash.

10. It would be a good idea to restart the Macintosh.
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