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TOPIC: Rebuild Structures

Rebuild Structures 03 Feb 2020 15:13 #11802

I have been trying to rebuild a 4o TB drive. It has been acquiring directory structures for more than 42 hours! Should it take this long and if not should I cancel?
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Rebuild Structures 03 Feb 2020 15:48 #11803

It can take a very long time to rebuild the disk directory of a 4TB drive that has many files, especially if they are in multiple pieces (called "extents") each.

Since the Volume Rebuild process has not reached the step in which you confirm that you want the disk directory to be replaced (in the Technical Comparison window, for HFS+ volumes), you can safely cancel the process if you want to. No changes have been made to the disk directory.

I suggest that you run the Surface Scan to make sure the drive containing the volume does not have unremapped bad blocks, which can slow the process of rebuilding the disk directory. My iMac (mid 2010) is currently running a Surface Scan on a 4 TB external volume, and it is taking 16 hours.
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