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TOPIC: Can TechTool Pro help resolve this issue

Can TechTool Pro help resolve this issue 16 Jul 2019 23:30 #11261

What can be done about this situation?
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Can TechTool Pro help resolve this issue 17 Jul 2019 00:29 #11262

According to the TechTool Protection system preferences pane, the volume is too full. In almost all cases, the volume usage shown by TechTool Protection agrees with amount of free space shown in the Storage pane of About This Mac. The Finder does not consider as occupied the amount of space used by some invisible folders, and regards as free some disk space that is not actually free, but only potentially free. Apple describes such space as "purgeable":

What is 'Other' and 'Purgeable' in About This Mac?

The easiest way to free up some disk space is to transfer some large files to another volume. The volume appears to be your startup volume. The rule of thumb for startup volumes is that they should have about 15% free space.
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Can TechTool Pro help resolve this issue 14 Aug 2019 13:28 #11312

There is a transit going on from Hard Drives .. to Solid State Memory and if you have the old school Hard Drive you are pretty much done. Save your iMac for word processing and in home gaming ... after a while, maybe a year from now ... no more internet on your 4 year old iMac ... as it will not work any more for that

1 Terrabyte storage is easy for those little SD cards that go in Camera devices now .. same for memory sticks they are multiple Terrabyte capacity and only for $20 out the door in your hand.

This is what I got from TTP on the subject matter .. and if you went up to Mohave like I did and there is not going back to the old way of doing things as I understand it from people who are a lot smarter then me.


Aug 13, 2019, 9:29 AM (20 hours ago)

to me
Hi Alan,

I was forwarded a message from our sales department in regards to Techtool Pro compatibility with Mac OS X 10.14(Mojave) and Apple’s new file system (APFS). With the implementation of Mac OS X 10.14 (Mojave), all connect drive were converted to Apple’s new File System (APFS). Unfortunately, Optimization is unavailable for APFS formatted drives. Seeing Optimization available for APFS formatted drives is unlikely in the near future, as it would take a whole re-writing of the Optimization tool. Additionally, if the drive is a Solid State Drive, SSD’s don’t need defragmentation. Optimization on Solid State drives doesn't speed up data access because all data is accessed at the same speed regardless of physical location. In addition, solid state drives utilize a feature called wear-leveling which uses all of the sectors of the drive evenly to extend the life of the drive. Optimizations work against this feature, wearing out the SSD sooner. Apple only recommends defragmentation on rotational drives formatted HFS+. With APFS formatted drives, its understands which files will give the biggest performance boost once defragged. It works in the background when the machine is idle, so defrag won't impact system performance. Additionally, When running Volume Rebuild on APFS volumes, a full directory optimization is not yet available. However, directory errors can be repaired.

With the exceptions of these few functions all other features remain applicable.

Let us know if you have any further questions,


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Can TechTool Pro help resolve this issue 29 Aug 2019 13:23 #11345

Oh yeah ... as an addendum. Please consider TURN OFF all updates (automatic) from the App Store ... AND ... from the OS Preference panel 'Software Update' ( it is fourth down the list after iCloud and Internet Accounts).

It used to be just One Stop Shopping with Apple at the App Store .. but with the new and improved Mojave OS 10.14.4 you must now go to TWO places to find out if your software is current.

If you continue to update the Mac OS as it progresses along over time .. you will lose the function of the Thousands of Dollars of software you purchased 4 years ago .. to go with your new big bucks iMac you purchased 4 years ago ... that is soon to be completely obsolete and useless on the internet.

I already can not use Safari for any thing .. other an Amazon now.

I can not even get into Apple Support to make an appointment with the Genius Bar .. that has to be done by phone (land line).

For me .. I want to keep my typewriter going so no more updates for me .. and with the NEW iMac that I hear is about $10,000 *they want a thousand just for the monitor stand'... expect that to be trashed out in 4 years as that is what Apple does in their track record.
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