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TOPIC: TTP reports incorrect free drive space

TTP reports incorrect free drive space 23 Dec 2018 17:08 #10503

I keep getting warnings saying that I only have 7% of my drive free. Mac OS reports that I have 15% of my drive free. Which is correct? How can I get the two to agree?
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TTP reports incorrect free drive space 23 Dec 2018 17:23 #10505

The forums are moderated. New postings do not appear until they have been approved by a moderator. I have deleted your duplicate posting.

The Finder is incorrect because it is not taking into account the space occupied by various invisible files.

TechTool Protection and the Storage tab of System Preferences are correct, and agree with one another. The details are in this thread:

Tech Tool Protection showing incorrect disk usage?

Te warning comes from the Volume Usage pane of the TechTool Protection system preferences pane. You can configure it there. It is not configured through the TechTool Pro application.

It is standard guideline for Unix-based operating systems to have a minimum of 15% free space on the active startup volume. You have so little free space on the volume that if virtual memory swapfiles are created, they will be created in a fragmented state (in more than one piece), because the available free space is too fragmented to allow the swapfiles to be created in a single piece (called an "extent") each. You should try to archive some files to another volume.
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TTP reports incorrect free drive space 23 Dec 2018 19:07 #10506

That’s what I suspected.

Thank you!
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TTP reports incorrect free drive space 23 Dec 2018 19:18 #10507

You are welcome.
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TTP reports incorrect free drive space 27 Dec 2018 21:18 #10517

Hello ...

It is a good idea once you download ANY software to defragment (optimize) the files and rebuild the desktop ... on an external hard drive or E drive .. and then on restart .. Zap the PRAM .. (hold down command+option+P+R keys) on the restart until you get two harmonic cords on two startups .. after the second harmonic cord release the keys and the Macintosh will start up as always but the operating parameters that were in storage have been Zap .. and the new startup will put in the new operating parameter.

That being said I am not a computer geek with a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering or have a PhD in Logic (these guys and gals who hack code .. the developers ... tend to be highly educated).

Holding down the shift key on start up .. gets you a safety OS (horizontal lines will come across your monitor as Apple has its own diagnosis working in that configuration .. then launch TTP or what ever software .. see if it starts up and sends crash data to the developers or Apple Inc.

Finally .. if your Macintosh is just bat chit crazy in its operation and TTP can not sort it out .. then do a Command + R key start up (recovery mode) and in that startup configuration you can download a fresh and most current Mac OS specific to your computer. That will fix what ails you then .. unless your software you down loaded is totally corrupt and it is not the OS doing it.

So .. in closing .. this newest TTP 10.1.2 ... that I am running with the newest Mac OS 10.13.6 ... is a bit wonky.

I can not do TTP work on the External Hard Drive that has a bootable Mac OS clone on it .. it will do some of the work but it is always incomplete .. or was cancelled at the end of the operation.

I can optimize the external hard drive but not all of it .. I can rebuild the desktop .. but it will not complete the task .. or it reports it as such ... and maybe is completing the task.

There can be 5 different code fractures that present as the same identical 'bug' problem as you are reporting .. other people will report the same thing on other Mac/Apple configurations.

If you do get a chance to email with TTP Tech Support .. please do what they ask you to do in sending Mac OS files and TTP files. They will send you clear direction on where they are located ... and then attach them to the email in response.

They are of great educational benefit to getting the problem sorted out on your Mac/Apple configuration.

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