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TOPIC: Macs Fan Control

Macs Fan Control 29 Sep 2018 19:09 #10211

Posting this hoping to receive technical advice and suggestions from the excellent MICROMAT tech staff that i have come thru the years to rely on .

TechTool Pro 10 has a Fans test to test the internal Mac fans and also a sensor test . My iMac 21.5-inch, Late 2009 always passes these two tests . Occasionally I like running the Fans test because for me it confirms from the roaring sound that they are still working .

Today I discovered the application Macs Fan Control www.crystalidea.com/macs-fan-control?ref=macupdate .

Is that application safe and necessary to use ? The developer states it is .

If so why can't MICROMAT develop a similar and perhaps better application ?

Thanks and excuse me for posting what you may feel is a dumb question .
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Macs Fan Control 29 Sep 2018 19:17 #10212

I cannot comment on another company's product.

In general, you should not need to have direct control over your fans. The operating system should take care of that.

We have a Fans Test to make sure that the fans respond properly to commands to speed up or slow down.

I have seen in forums some cases in which it appeared that the fans were not running fast enough, and in such a case it was helpful to be able to intervene with a program that allows control of the fans, until the problem with the fans running too slowly could be solved. In some cases, the fans run too fast, and resetting the SMC (System Management Controller) may be the solution:

How to reset the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac
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