Checking On Your Mac’s Apps

Checking On Your Mac’s Apps

One of the highlights of using a Mac is the freedom to use third-party applications. However, with the freedom comes the risk of running an app that may misbehave. Techtool Pro 14 provides a quick way to figure out if any apps may be problematic.

If you’re using one of Apple’s new M1 Macs, the first reason to use the App Check tool will be to determine if your installed apps are taking full advantage of Apple’s new chips. The first column in the App Check’s results is Architecture, where you can see whether an application is built for Intel or Apple Silicon, or if it is a Universal application, supporting both.

The two remaining columns indicate whether an app is Notarized and Code Signed. If an app has been notarized, it verifies that it has not been altered from the version distributed by the developer. Code Signing, on the other hand, indicates that the app has been distributed with a security certificate. These security measures help to ensure that an app is authentic and has not been tampered with. If one or both is missing, proceed with caution.

Using the App Check tool, you can verify your whole Applications folder or just selected applications. Use your third-party apps with confidence.

Pro Tip: When getting apps outside of the Mac App Store, be sure to acquire your apps directly from the developer’s website.

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