About Us

Founded in 1989 and recognized as an innovator and world leader in the development of Macintosh monitoring, diagnostic, troubleshooting and repair utilities.

Who We Are

Headquartered in Windsor, California, Micromat develops, publishes, and markets software solutions for technical, business, publishing, consumer, scientific/engineering, and government customers in over 100 countries. Micromat products enable users to remain operational and productive by quickly and easily identifying and repairing a broad range of computer problems.

Where We Started

Originally a Macintosh computer repair facility in Novato, California, Micromat has grown to become a significant source of Macintosh technical expertise for users and technicians worldwide.


Micromat's original monitoring and diagnostic utility, MacEKG™, was used by NASA on Space Shuttle flight STS-51 to test the effects of microgravity on digital electronic equipment in space. This was the first time in history that NASA has performed such an experiment, for which Micromat Computer Systems was honored to have participated.

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