A Safer Way to Erase

A Safer Way to Erase

Sometimes you need a quick and easy way to erase a disk. Disk Utility is an option, but it can be a little complicated, and sometimes you may accidentally erase the wrong disk. If you already have Techtool Pro 14 open, you can switch to the Tools selection and find a handy new tool.

Techtool Pro 14 introduces a new Volume Initialization tool to quickly reformat volumes. Differing from Wipe Data, Volume Initialization is a simple erase, for a quick reformat when simply repurposing a drive.

To avoid accidentally erasing a disk, the Volume Initialization tool includes a Lock Volume checkbox to prevent erasing the disk within Techtool Pro. With the checkbox enabled for a selected volume, the Volume Initialization tool will remember that the volume is protected, and prevent itself from erasing the disk. This is especially handy when a data drive is particularly important, or you have several similar drives and want to be especially certain not to accidentally erase a particular volume. 

Pro Tip: The lock option is limited to Techtool Pro, so continue to exercise caution when erasing with other utilities.

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