Commonly Asked Questions


How do I start up (boot) the computer from the TechTool Pro DVD?

To boot from the TechTool Pro DVD, insert the TechTool Pro DVD into the DVD drive, restart the computer and immediately press and hold down the "C" key. Be patient. It takes longer to boot from a DVD than a hard drive since the DVD drive is so much slower. Note that the instructions for booting from the TechTool Pro DVD are printed on the front of the DVD. An alternate method of booting to the DVD is to hold down the "option" key at restart. This will instruct the computer to scan all attached devices and display an icon for each recognized startup choice. Once the scan is complete, select the DVD icon from the startup choices and press the right pointing arrow on the screen to startup from it (on PowerPC Macs) or click the arrow beneath the DVD icon (on Intel Macs).

Why can't TechTool Pro do a volume test of the current startup volume?

Mac OS X 10.2 and above allows changes to the volume structures of the boot drive in the background as it is running. Hence, it is not possible to correctly test the volume structures on the boot volume—and TechTool Pro will not allow this (nor will Apple's Disk Utility). You must boot the computer and run the program from some other location, such as the TechTool Pro DVD or eDrive, in order to test/repair the volume structures of your normal boot volume.

Is TechTool Pro able to check a UFS initialized volume?

No. TechTool Pro can only work on Macintosh initialized (HFS and HFS+) volumes.

Can TechTool Pro check a network volume?

No. TechTool Pro can only work on volumes of drives physically attached to the computer on which it is running.

How do I initialize a drive in Mac OS X?

Mac OS X includes a utility program called Disk Utility that allows initialization of disks. Disk Utility is typically located in the Utilities folder (inside the Applications folder). After launching Disk Utility, choose the Erase option. To check for bad blocks and lock them out (if possible), select the security option to "zero all data." Initializing with this option will take much longer, but will ensure that the drive is in good shape.

How do I uninstall TechTool Pro?

The TechTool Pro Installer includes an uninstall option. Select Customize during the install process, and be sure the "Remove TechTool Pro" checkbox is checked. Doing an uninstall will delete all the TechTool Pro files from the selected volume.