TechTool Pro Menu Options


When TechTool Pro is launched, a number of special TechTool Pro options are available from the menubar. They are:

TechTool Pro

This menu item contains the following choices:

About TechTool Pro

Select this option to display the TechTool Pro Information screen. It displays the version number of the program as well as copyright information.

Check for Update...

Selecting this option will attempt to connect to the Micromat website and let you know if a newer version of the program is available.

noteNOTE You must have an active connection to the internet in order for this option to succeed.

Hide TechTool Pro

Select this option to hide the TechTool Pro windows. Clicking the TechTool Pro icon on the dock will return the windows to their previous state.

Quit TechTool Pro

Select this option to quit the TechTool Pro application.

noteNOTE If you have booted from the TechTool Pro 5 DVD, quitting the program will return to the language selection screen with the option to restart the computer. Click Restart to reboot the computer back to its default startup location.


Use the Options menu to select one of the three TechTool Pro categories—Tests (command-1), Tools (command-2), or Reports (command-3).


Use the Help menu when running an installed copy of TechTool Pro to search or open TechTool Pro's Help file.