TechTool Pro 6 Reports  TechTool Pro Reports

As TechTool Pro performs its various tests and other functions, it keeps track of what is done and what results are obtained. This information is saved in Reports. Detailed results of every test can be displayed in the report, as well as advice on how to proceed if problems are found. When TechTool Pro is run from an installation on a hard drive, the results are saved cumulatively into the Reports. You can go back and refer to earlier results if desired. Having the results of previous tests available may allow you to pinpoint when a problem developed and also be helpful as reference should you need to contact technical support.

The Reports are both sortable and searchable, making it easy to locate results for specific tests, volumes, and drives. For example, you can choose to display only test failures if desired. The Report can be printed or saved as a webarchive document if desired.

Choose the Reports category to display theReports window.

Reports Window

The Reports window is designed to provide convenient access to details about each test that was performed. The left side of the Report window contains the Report Summary in a standard columnar database format. The right side of the window displays the details for the item selected in the Summary area.

If TechTool Pro has been run on more than one computer (such as when booting and running the program from an external hard drive), you can use the pop-down menu at the top of the Summary area to choose the specific computer whose results you wish to display in the Report.

Use the Job Selector pop-down menu to select among the following:

  • All Jobs
  • Failed Jobs
  • Cancelled Jobs From Last Run
  • Jobs From Last Run
  • Failed Jobs From Last Run
  • Overall Summary

Type a string of characters in the field to the right of the Job Selector pop-down menu to search for specific items. For example, you might want to display results for all entries containing "SMART" or "Hitachi".

Beneath the Job Selector pop-down menu is a columnar list of all items meeting the chosen criteria. The four columns are:

  • Time Stamp—when the test/ tool executed.
  • Job—the test/tool name.
  • Status—test/tool result (Passed, Failed, Canceled, etc.)
  • Target—component tested (volume name, hard drive name, etc.)

The list can be sorted in either ascending or descending order by clicking on the column descriptor at the top of the column. For example, you might sort by Time Stamp to see all tests run on a certain day or sort by Target to easily locate all tests performed on a certain volume. Columns can be re-ordered if desired by dragging the column descriptor left or right to the desired location.

To display further information about a specific item in the list, simply click the list entry to select it. Details will be displayed in the area to the right. These include specific information about the item tested, results, and advice on how to proceed in the case of a problem. You may need to use the vertical scroll bar to view all the test/tools details.

The following buttons are available at the bottom of the Reports window:

  • Clear Selection—deletes the current selection from the list.
  • Save as...—saves a report as a webarchive document.
  • Print—opens a print dialog box in order to save a report.

noteNOTE To select multiple consecutive items in the Summary Report, hold down the shift key while clicking on the items. To select multiple non-contiguous items, hold down the command key while clicking on the items.