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TechTool Pro 6 Manual

Installation and System Requirements


System Requirements

Installing TechTool Pro

Burning a TechTool Pro DVD

What's Installed

Contacting Technical Support

Installation and System Requirements


Thank you for purchasing TechTool Pro! We have worked hard to make TechTool Pro the most powerful and easy-to-use problem-solving utility available for the Macintosh. With TechTool Pro you will be able to:

  • Protect your computer and data.
  • Create an emergency repair partition.
  • Diagnose and repair problems with your drives.
  • Optimize your drives.
  • Clone a volume.
  • Recover data from damaged drives.
  • See what devices and services are running on your local network.
  • Test critical computer components and sub-systems.
  • Perform routine maintenance on your computer.
  • Determine the cause of problems that cause your Macintosh to crash.
  • Test new equipment.
  • Make sure that your computer is running as fast as it should be.

Most importantly, TechTool Pro allows you to test your computer like a professional without the need of years of experience or a computer degree. TechTool Pro allows you to check a variety of components in your Macintosh with a simple click of your mouse. When TechTool Pro finds a problem with your computer it will suggest steps you can take to correct the situation.

Consider TechTool Pro your personal Macintosh technician—always ready to help and only a mouse click away.

System Requirements

  • PowerPC G4 processor or newer.
  • Mac OS X 10.4.9 or greater.
  • DVD-ROM drive.
  • 512 Megabytes RAM or higher.
  • Quartz Extreme graphics support.
  • Booting from TechTool Pro DVD requires support for Mac OS X 10.5 or greater.
  • These requirements may change with future updates.

Installing TechTool Pro

TechTool Pro uses an automated installer to place the TechTool Pro application and any ancillary files in their proper locations.

NoteNOTE If you suspect that your hard drive is damaged or that there may be other computer problems, do not install TechTool Pro until it is repaired. We recommend that you run TechTool Pro before installation to verify that your desired installation volume does not have any problems. To do this, you may start up and run TechTool Pro directly from the program DVD. Instructions for starting up from the DVD are printed on the face of the DVD. For instructions on running a check of the computer see the Sample Diagnostics Section under Using TechTool Pro later in this manual.

For instructions on burning a DVD from a downloaded copy of TechTool Pro, see below.

To install:

  • Insert the TechTool Pro DVD.
  • Double-click on the TechTool Pro Installer icon.
  • Enter your administrator password when prompted.
  • Read the explanatory text on the installer screens and follow the prompts.

TechTool Pro will be installed in the Applications folder on the startup volume.


NoteNOTE The TechTool Pro Installer contains an Uninstall option. To Uninstall TechTool Pro, click the “Customize” button on the third page of the Main Install screen.

Installer customize

Then choose "Remove TechTool Pro..."

Installer remove

NoteNOTE Next, uncheck "Install TechTool Pro," and check "Remove TechTool Pro"


TechTool Protection

When you launch the installed TechTool Pro application, the program checks to see if the TechTool Protection is installed. If it is not, a dialog appears giving you the option to install TechTool Protection. TechTool Protection includes program functions that operate automatically in the background, such as periodic hard drive SMART checks, Volume Usage, Trash History, etc. These functions are configured via the TechTool Protection pane that is installed in the System Preferences. You can choose Cancel if you do not wish to install TechTool Protection at this time.

Burning a TechTool Pro DVD

If you purchased your copy of TechTool Pro as a downloadable DVD, you will need to follow these instructions to create a bootable DVD.

To create a physical bootable DVD from the TechTool Pro 6 DVD disc image you will need a blank DVD-R or DVD-RW disc. The DVD you create will contain Mac OS X 10.6.4 for Intel-based Macs as its operating system, or Mac OS X 10.5.8 as its operating system in order to boot PowerPC-based Macs capable of running Mac OS X 10.5.x.

To create the TechTool Pro 6 DVD (Intel):

  1. Launch Disk Utility (located in the Utilities folder inside of your Applications folder).
  2. Double-click the “.dmg” file disc image you downloaded and allow it to verify and mount on the Desktop.
  3. In Disk Utility, select the .dmg file from the drive list.
  4. Click the “Burn” icon (located in the upper left corner of the Disk Utility window).
  5. Insert a blank DVD into your computer’s DVD drive and then click Burn.
  6. Once the burning process has finished, your Mac should eject the DVD.

To create the TechTool Pro 6 DVD (PowerPC):

  1. Double click the “.dmg” file you downloaded so that the TechTool Pro DVD image mounts to your desktop.
  2. Copy the TechTool Pro 6 DVD (PPC).dmg file from the Extras folder to your Desktop.
  3. Once the copy of the TechTool Pro 6 DVD (PPC).dmg has completed, eject the TechTool Pro 6 DVD image.
  4. Launch Disk Utility (located in the Utilities folder inside of your Applications folder).
  5. Double-click the TechTool Pro 6 DVD (PPC).dmg disc image and allow it verify and mount on the desktop.
  6. In Disk Utility, select TechTool Pro 6 DVD (PPC).dmg from the drive list.
  7. Click the “Burn” icon (located in the upper left corner of the Disk Utility window).
  8. Insert a blank DVD into your computer’s DVD drive and then click Burn.
  9. Once the burning process has finished, your Mac should eject the DVD.

NoteNOTE The TechTool Pro DVD does not support Macs which shipped with Mac OS X 10.7 or newer.  It is recommended to use an eDrive instead.


What's Installed

When you install TechTool Pro you install the TechTool Pro program package. This contains the main program components in one convenient location on your hard drive.

TechTool Pro 6 Icon

By default, the TechTool Pro package is installed in the Applications folder on your startup volume:

  • Applications/TechTool Pro

The program’s preferences are stored on a per user basis in:

  • ~/Library/Preferences/com.micromat.techtoolpro.plist file

The TechTool Pro Report will be stored in:

  • ~/Library/Application Support/TechTool Pro/ TechTool Pro.reports

If you install TechTool Protection, the following files will be installed:

  • ~/Library/PreferencePanes/TechTool Protection.prefPane


Personalization and Registration

The first time you launch TechTool Pro, you will be prompted to enter your serial number. Your serial number is your proof of ownership of TechTool Pro. Keep it in a safe place since you may need it when you make future updates or upgrades. If you lose your serial number, we may be able to provide it to you if it is registered. In addition, registration is required to receive free technical support for TechTool Pro. (This is subject to change without notification.)

You may register your serial number online. Simply direct your browser to the Micromat web site at

If you do not have internet access, you may call Micromat Sales at 707-566-3831 and ask them to register for you.

Contacting Technical Support

Micromat provides technical support to its customers by telephone or email. For a current listing of telephone numbers and other contact information, please visit our website at Technical support is available Monday through Friday (excluding public holidays), from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT.

If you wish to contact technical support by telephone you will need to have your TechTool Pro serial number and version number ready. Our automated phone attendant will require you to enter this information before connecting you to a technician. Please be near your computer when you phone, since our technicians will need to ask you questions about your system, and will attempt to guide you through solving any problems. Please have the following information ready for the support technician, and be sure to include it in any email you send to Micromat.

  • A brief description of your problem.
  • Version number of your TechTool Pro software.
  • Type of Macintosh and configuration. (Example: Intel iMac 3.06GHz, 2GB RAM, 500GB hard drive.)


About Micromat Inc.

Micromat Computer Systems Inc. has been developing Macintosh diagnostic utilities since 1989. As the first company to offer diagnostic products for Macintosh, Micromat has pioneered many new technologies for helping Macintosh users bring their computers back to life and to keep them running their absolute best.


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