TechTool Pro 7 offers several advantages over TechTool Pro 5. There have been performance improvements to many of the Tests and Tools, particularly eDrive. The eDrive tool now supports creating our one-of-a-kind emergency partition on the startup partition without booting from the DVD. The eDrive offers improved performance and additional functionality over booting from the TechTool Pro bootable DVD.

There are also two new Tools in this version: Volume Cloning and Network. Volume Cloning allows for the creation of a duplicate clone, which erases the target volume and replaces its contents with a bootable copy of an entire hard drive. It also offers file sync cloning, which will make incremental changes to previous clones, saving time over creating a fresh clone. Our new Network tool uses Bonjour to allow tracking of network traffic. This tool can be used to track what Bonjour-capable computers have been on your network, and can assist with network troubleshooting.

TechTool Pro 7 is also a great value. Each purchase now includes a 3-license family pack, so that you can install TechTool Pro 7 on up to three Macs in your home.Thanks for considering TechTool Pro. It's truly the most comprehensive Mac utility on the market.