Introducing USBee - A new way to test USB ports and devices



USB ports are everywhere. They can be found not only on your computer, but also on chargers that came with your phone or a multitude of other devices. When those ports fail to deliver the proper voltage to the connected device, those devices can often fail.

USBee is the handy new device by Micromat that can be used to find out if a USB port is providing sufficient power or if a connected device is taking too much. It can also be used to test the efficiency of a charging port. The convenient pocket-sized device will display the amount of voltage at the USB port, and the amperage being delivered to the connected device, such as a hard drive, phone, or lifestyle device.


Voltage too low at the port? A down arrow appears.↓ Voltage too high? An up arrow appears.↑

USBee also allows you to analyze how much current is being drawn by a given device. Some USB ports on different computers are far more sensitive to voltage drops than others. Ever plug something into a spare USB port on your keyboard only to have the computer complain about the current draw? USBee will help you ascertain which devices are using too much current.


Testing is simple. Just plug the tester into the desired USB port and then plug your device into the tester and you'll start getting valuable information about the amperage passing though the USB port to your device. USBee uses the power from the port being tested, so it requires no batteries or outside voltage source. The display is bright and easy to read as well.

USBee can be used with any device that has a USB port. USB ports on PCs or Macs, iPhone and Android USB chargers are just some of the devices that USBee supports.

Suggested Uses:

      • Monitor the amount of charge applied to phone or other device
      • Verify that USB ports and chargers are applying the correct voltage
      • Observe how much charge has been applied to a battery
      • Test USB cables




Read more in the USBee Product Manual